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From The Auction Pages Executive Director:

  How would you like to buy a late model car, truck, or van for $3,000 to $4,000? Would you jump at the chance to buy a big screen TV for $150 ? Maybe a $650 Camcorder for $ 90 ? Or a large fishing boat for under $2,500 ? I will bet you never heard of any one buying a house for under $15,000 It's happened , and it can happen again. It's a fact. People just like you, and me are making the best buys of their life.

  Bargains like these, incredible bargains, are waiting for buyers like you. At auctions held every day. Across the nation. In every state. It's the best thing the government has ever done for us. Nearly every level of government from city and town on up through county, state and federal, is in possession of seized, and surplus property that must be disposed of.

  We hope you'll find that it is time well spent on your visit here. Enjoy and learn more about government Auctions.


Buddy Doyle

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