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U.S. Customs Auctions

  All auctions are open to the public. A photo ID is required to register for the auction. Registration is FREE. Catalogs are available at preview locations and the sales location. Merchandise should be previewed before bidding on it.

  Examples of property being offered at public auction include, but are not limited to, Cars, Boats, Airplanes, Real Estate, Commercial Real Estate Opportunities, carpets, electronics, industrial goods, jewelry, and wearing apparel. Commercial Opportunities are available for entreprenuers through the sale of operating businesses, commercial/wholesale quantity lots, and Export Only merchandise. Sales are conducted in the form of public auctions, with occasional open bids and negotiated sales. Regularly scheduled auctions are held approximately every nine weeks.

Special Sales Items With Descriptions, Several With Photos

Internal Revenue Service Auctions

  Under authority of the Internal Revenue Code, the property described here has been seized for nonpayment of internal revenue taxes and will be sold at public auction.

  • Real Estate

  • Automobiles, Motorcyles, Trucks

  • Commercial / Industrial Property, Equipment and Supplies

  • Aircraft

  • Antiques, Art, jewelry, Collectibles, Luxury Items

  • Boats, Houseboats

  • Household Goods / Personal Property

  • Restaurant Equipment and Supplies / Liquor Licenses

  • Financial Instruments, Patents, Royalties

  • Household Goods / Personal Property

  • Medical / Dental Equipment and Supplies

    Special Sales Items With Descriptions, Several With Photos


      The U.S. Marshals Service offers property for sale to the public which has been forfeited under laws enforced or administered by the United States Department of Justice, its investigative agencies (Drug Enforcement Administration, Federal Bureau of Investigation, and Immigration and Naturalization Service), and certain other federal law enforcement agencies. More than 6,000 items of forfeited real and personal property are sold annually with gross sales of $195 million. The property offered for sale consists of residential and commercial real estate, business establishments, and a wide range of personal property such as motor vehicles, boats, aircraft, jewelry, art, antiques, collectibles, and livestock.

    U.S. Small Business Administration

      The property was acquired by the U.S. Small Business Administration in administering its loan program and is available for purchase by the public. The property ranges from real estate - commercial property, single family homes, vacant land, and farms - to personal property such as machinery, equipment, furniture, fixtures, and inventory that came from a wide variety of business operations.

  • You can get a State by State list of forfeited property for sell by the U.S. Small Business Administration thru

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